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OYSA Board of Directors Back Row from Left: John Cronkrite, John Thomas, Steve Hershberger, John McCafferty, Steve Meckel. Front Row from Left: Dick Matti, Ric Listella, Dave Wagner

2010 Oregon Youth Soccer Workshop, Awards Banquet, and Annual General Meeting

Oregon Youth Soccer Association held the 2010 Annual Workshop, Awards Banquet, and Annual General Meeting, the weekend of Jan. 9th and 10th on the Oregon Coast.

The weekend began with Oregon Youth Soccer's Annual Workshop on Sat., Jan. 9. During the workshop, coaches and club administrators from throughout the state attended a full day of workshop sessions on topics ranging from Increasing Club Membership, Positive Interactions between Coaches and Referees, TOPSoccer and the President's Meeting.

Attendance at this year's President's Meeting was limited to Club Presidents and their alternates. Larry Monaco, President of the United States Youth Soccer Association, was in attendance and presented information about the benefits of membership in the United States Youth Soccer Association, coaching and player development, challenges facing youth soccer in America today, and the future of United States Youth Soccer. President Monaco provided current and meaningful information to attendees and answered questions from the audience.

As President of Oregon Youth Soccer, my presentation included information about the services and benefits the Association provides our members, a perspective on the changing landscape of soccer in Oregon over the past several years, an examination of the current status of soccer in Oregon today, a look at the opportunities for soccer development in Oregon, and where the leadership of the Association intends to head to develop youth soccer in Oregon over the next several years.

Oregon Youth Soccer is committed to providing the best soccer experience possible for our players as they learn, grow and develop their skills. We intend to accomplish these goals by assisting our clubs with providing a high-quality recreational program for our recreational players, including TOPSoccer players; working to restore premier-level soccer in Oregon; developing a relationship with the Portland Timbers and working together to provide our Olympic Development Program the highest level of training, development and identification possible; and, exploring a partnership with Washington Youth Soccer and British Columbia Youth Soccer.

Chuck Keers, Oregon Youth Soccer's Executive Director, and I have represented Oregon Youth Soccer for the past eight months in meetings with representatives from Washington Youth Soccer and British Columbia Youth Soccer, and the respective Major League Soccer franchises in each state and province. We are presently working out the details of forming a partnership, to develop a regional alliance that we expect to be launched in 2010 and further developed over the next five years.

Our expectations include making the Pacific Northwest the leading regional hub for youth soccer development in North America. In 2010, we expect to begin providing an annual International Cup to rotate between members in conjunction with a soccer exposition and possible college showcase, and this summer we expect hold World Cup Celebrations in each state/province.

You may view my presentation online on the Oregon Youth Soccer Website by pointing your browser to the AGM page at: http://www.oregonyouthsoccer.org/about/agm.aspx and selecting the link for the President's Presentation.

This year's Awards Banquet was highlighted by two awards, which were presented for the first time ever in 2010. The Board of Oregon Youth Soccer recently decided to develop an opportunity for the Board to preserve the history of our organization and honor those individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the Oregon Youth Soccer Association in any of the following capacities: Player, Coach, Referee or Administrator. The Board created the "Oregon Youth Soccer Lifetime Membership Award." Jim Lasher, former OYSA President, and Jimmy Conway, former OYSA Director of Coaching, were both recognized as the first recipients of the Oregon Youth Soccer Lifetime Membership Award.

On Sun., Jan. 10, we held our Annual General Meeting, which is the official business meeting of the Association where bylaws are amended, minutes approved, the annual budget is presented and the Oregon Youth Soccer Board is elected. The Oregon Youth Soccer Board is comprised of 14 positions five serve on the Executive Board while the others represent the nine Districts distributed throughout Oregon.

There are two ways to be elected to the Oregon Youth Soccer Board of Directors. The first way is to be elected at the Annual General Meeting. This year, Matt Maderia was elected Vice President, Steve Meckel was re-elected to the Columbia District and Don Newell was elected as the new Southern Oregon District Director. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Dan Dieter and Dick Matti for their service on the Oregon Youth Soccer Board, as they stepped down to pursue other interests.

The second way to join the Oregon Youth Soccer Board is by direct appointment to the Board. There are four vacant board positions: South Metro, Portland, Tualatin Hills, and Willamette Districts. If you have an interest in serving Oregon Youth Soccer Association by joining the Board, please contact Matt Madeira, Chuck Keers, or myself.

Thank you and I look forward to a terrific year ahead!

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