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ODP Rewind

By Erik Lyslo

Nike Friendship Cup

"Wow!" would be the first word that comes to mind for this year's Nike Friendship Cup. On top of Brazil's U20 National coach Luiz Verdini being at the event all weekend, it was great to see a lot of the bigger states back into the Friendship Cup this year, which made the competition that much better.

With the addition of Cal-North and Colorado, and the return of British Columbia, Washington, Cal-South and Utah, every bracket was competitive. Scores and standings for the tournament are available online at www.oregonyouthsoccer.org under the ODP section. As for the Oregon teams, our '92 Boys, '95 Boys and '95 Girls won their brackets in the tournament.

Utah Mountain Friendlies

This was a successful weekend for the '96 groups. Scores are included below, but we clearly were the top state at this event and walked away with a better record than we ever have. The groups were treated to an MLS game between Real Salt Lake and Colorado, and were required to take notes on players who played their position for a test at the end of the weekend. Overall, it was a great weekend for our coaching staff to work on some things with each group and see a high-level game in the process.

'96 Boys 1 Team
Oregon 10, Idaho 1
Oregon 7, Nevada 1
Oregon 3, Nevada '95 3
Oregon 9, Utah 0
'96 Boys 2 Team
Oregon 9, Idaho 0
Oregon 1, Utah 1
Utah '95 2, Oregon 1
USA '95 5, Oregon 0
'96 Girls 1 Team
Oregon 4, Utah 3
Oregon 4, Nevada 0
Oregon 6, Idaho 0
Oregon 8, Montana 0
'96 Girls 2 Team
Oregon 2, Montana 1
Utah 2 4, Oregon 2
Utah 1 4, Oregon 2
Oregon 0, Nevada 0
  Team Totals
10-4-2 Record Overall
Goals Scored: 68
Goals Allowed: 23
Boys' Totals
5-2-1 Record
Goals Scored: 40
Goals Allowed: 11
Girls Totals
5-2-1 Record
Goals Scored: 28
Goals Allowed: 12

Regional Camp Rosters

Regional camp rosters and regional pool players can be found on our website at www.oregonyouthsoccer.org.

ODP Tryouts

Just a reminder to all, we will hold open ODP tryouts for players born in 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 at the CBYSC Fields in Salem, Aug. 15-16. Applications, tryout schedules, lists of coaches and seasonal schedules are available on our website under ODP at www.oregonyouthsoccer.org.

ODP 2009-10 Coaches

We are happy to announce our coaching staff for the '93, '94, '95 and '96 groups below. The '97 staff will be announced later in the year. This is by far one of our most talented groups ever involved with ODP, so we're excited to see this group at work in August at tryouts.

'93 Boys
Head Coach: Cony Konstin
Asst. Coach: Biniam Afenegus
'94 Boys
Head Coach: Chris Thurley
Asst. Coach: Alan Cox
'95 Boys
Head Coach: John Madding
Asst. Coach: Oscar Monteblanco
'96 Boys Head Coach: Stan Baker
Asst. Coach: Dave Milne
'93 Girls
Head Coach: Tom Atencio
Asst. Coach: Andrew Donaldson
'94 Girls
Head Coach: Kevin Plechl
Asst. Coach: Laura Schott
'95 Girls
Head Coach: Mac Wilson
Asst. Coach: Dave Ellis
'96 Girls
Head Coach: Fraser Morrison
Asst. Coach: Adam Leyland
  GK Coaches
Angela Harrison, Jordan James, Eihab Daoub
Jim Brazeau, Bill Irwin, Samuel Blanco

As always, if you have any questions in regards to ODP, please feel free to contact me anytime at 503-626-4625 or erik@oregonyouthsoccer.org.

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