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OYSA Forms Advisory Councils

Oregon Youth Soccer is a democratic organization in that its board is elected by club presidents, or their designees, at Annual General Meetings. The board sets policy and governs the Association, providing direction and guidance to staff regarding priorities and critical management issues. The day-to-day operation — soliciting, scheduling and conducting coaching clinics; assisting clubs with the multitude of administrative and business issues they confront; our Olympic Development Program; and running all of the leagues and tournaments we administer — is relegated to staff.

We are first and foremost a service organization. We are here to serve the needs and interest of our member clubs, their coaching personnel and their players. The needs and opinions of our member clubs are not always the same – indeed, they often conflict with each other — or with National rules, best practices, etc. Even when there is agreement, limited resources often require prioritization or compromise when it comes to the design of our services.

To make the best decisions for our members, we need member input. While board and staff stay in touch with our membership through almost daily contact, board meetings, town halls and our Annual General Meetings, we know that particularly on the operational side, we need to have regular and balanced input from all who use our services.

Because recreational issues are different from competitive/classic/travel team issues and premier league issues are different from the previous two, we have established three advisory councils to help staff design programs, services and leagues that best meet the needs of our members.

Every club with at least one team in one or more of the categories of play has a seat on the respective council. If a club only has recreational teams, they have a seat on the Recreational Council; if a club has both recreational and competitive teams (but no premier level teams), they have a seat on the Recreational Council and the Competitive Council, and so on.

The individual assigned to represent a particular club is determined by the club president. If you as a parent, coach or club administrator want to serve on one or more of these advisory councils, please let your president know.

The councils meet regularly, according to need, and teleconferencing is available, so participation is not limited to those who live in or near Portland. We need state-wide participation for these councils to work; that is, for them to meet needs of all of our members in the state. Council members will also receive periodic e-mails and updates on matters that affect their club programs, so they will be a great way for clubs to stay informed, as well as help us make sure our services are as strong and relevant as possible.

Encourage your club to participate. The agendas and meeting schedule will be posted on our website. Feel free to let your club know your position on issues, so they can represent your values and priorities in these meetings. Better yet, ask your club president to make you their designated representative.

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