OYSA Goal Lines

Oregon Referees at
Far West Regionals

By Jim Lakehomer, SYRA

The Oregon delegation of 17 referees represented the state extremely well during the FWR tournament in Lancaster, June 15-21. The referees, six of whom were attending the event for the first time, were:

  • David Grbavac, Grade 5
  • Cesar Tecero, Grade 6
  • Ryan Abbott, Grade 7
  • Jessica Baumann, Grade 7
  • Pablo Dipascuale, Grade 7
  • Justin Greenberg, Grade 7
  • Ryan Jung, Grade 7
  • Christopher Koll, Grade 7
  • Ian Miller, Grade 7
  • Bobby Neeway, Grade 7
  • Bristol Schmitz; Grade 7
  • Conor Costigan, Grade 8
  • Andy Deuker, Grade 8
  • Sean Dougherty, Grade 8
  • Jose Maciel, Grade 8
  • Oscar Rivas, Grade 8
  • Chris Wisdom, Grade 8

Again this year, "behavior in the technical area" was a constant area of emphasis in the training for all the referees participating in FWR. However, the Oregon referees received special recognition from Nasser Sarfaraz, USSF National Instructor, for their response to the technical area problem at the Manchester United Premier Cup, preceding FWR. It is important for all referees to begin addressing this ongoing problem with regard to behavior in the technical area. The emphasis was on "Ask-Tell-Remove" and as happens here, many referees were getting stuck at either "ask" or "tell," but not the Oregon group.

As a group, the Oregon referees performed quite well in their assignments, regardless of position. For some of the first-year participants, the games presented new challenges that they had not been exposed to previously. The skill of the Oregon referees was evident in the semi-final and final assignments, with 11 of Oregon's 17 referees receiving semi-final assignments and five being selected for finals.

The regional experience is a great training ground for referee development. What does this mean? It means working each game with a totally new crew for the first few days, going through a thorough pre-game (whether giving it or receiving), becoming a team and working together and then making sure all of the paperwork is completed, with all the required information, in a short period of time. This may, of course, be followed by an assessment de-brief, and then there may or may not be a break before meeting your next crew to start the process again.

As an assessor and SYRA, the Oregon referees were a strong group who conducted themselves professionally both on and off the field. Thanks also to Patrick Duffy and Rich Wallace for their great work as assessors; they made valuable contributions to the Oregon group and the assessment program.

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