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Directives from US Soccer

By David Grbavac,
OYSA Referee Development Coordinator

US Soccer has introduced Directives for all referees, players, coaches and administration to learn in order for successful understanding of the Laws of the Game.

That's right; players, coaches and administration need to understand how the Laws of the Game affect the game of soccer. It's not just for referees! The game of soccer is beautiful — if played the right way. In order for all to enjoy, we ALL must be on the same page.

There are many resources for referees to gain a better understanding of the Laws of the Game and how to best implement these Laws. For example, The Advice to Referees is a publication by U.S. Soccer that breaks down each Law and provides examples of how they are best implemented. For years, U.S. Soccer has been challenged with an avenue to correctly and positively provide information, as well as best practices, with regard to the Laws of the Game. So many of the laws are left to the referee's opinion.

Now, US Soccer has developed 10 Directives which break down the game of Soccer. These are not just for referees. In fact, in the coming months, OYSA will be introducing these Directives to Coaches and Clubs in an attempt to gain mutual agreement on the field.

These Directives are titled as follows:

  • Game Management Model: Flow, Risk-Taking and Game Control
  • 100% Misconduct - Tactical and Red Card Tackles
  • Assistant Referee Involvement
  • Contact Above the Shoulder
  • Dissent
  • Free Kick and Restart Management
  • Game Disrepute and Mass Confrontation
  • Handling the Ball
  • Injury Management
  • Managing the Technical Area

Many referees in Oregon have been introduced to these Directives on some level. OYSA plans to introduce these Directives in classes throughout the next year. These Directives are just that - Directives. As referees, we have been instructed to follow these in ALL areas of the game of soccer. In order for us to be successful, the players, coaches and administration need to be made aware of how the game of soccer is evolving in the United States.

If you wish to view more on your own regarding these Directives, please visit www.ussoccer.com and click on the Referee Programs tab. The Directives can be found under the Referee Development tab. Please be on the lookout for more information regarding upcoming classes!

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