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Youngest ODP Group Regionalized

It's been in the works for a few years now, but the Oregon ODP staff is excited to announce we will regionalize the youngest age group ('97s) in ODP in four parts of the state. These four regions will consist of ODP pools (pool sizes will vary) in Portland, Bend, Eugene and Medford. Tryouts will be held in the four regions, directed by OYSA and the Oregon ODP staff, Dec. 5-6 and Dec. 12-13, 2009.

Why Regionalize ODP?

Creating four different pools in four parts of the state creates a better environment for players. It creates excitement to play for a select team in your area of the state. It limits traveling for parents and players, and it gives players the opportunity to play on a select team and improve as soccer players. It also creates a competitive environment, especially when you throw in the Inter-Regional tournament over spring break which brings all four regions together for a two- to three-day tournament. This tournament gives all four regions the opportunity for bragging rights in the state and the opportunity to keep the “Jimmy Conway Tournament Cup” for a year.

How does the process work?

Each region will hold tryouts on the dates given below in the timeline. OYSA will assign coaches in each region to run the pools. Each group will be assigned a head coach and an assistant coach. Each region will keep around 30 players in their pool. Portland will likely keep more players due to the large numbers in the area. Each region will then be given three months to train their groups at least six times. Coaches are welcome to train their players more, but at least six sessions will be required. The goal is to find the top 18 players in each region to compete in the Inter-Regional Tournament over spring break in March. At this tournament, all four regions will compete against each other in a tournament format. Players will also be evaluated by the State Head Coaching staff, as well as evaluators from each region. After the tournament is complete, we will name a pool of 40 players who will now represent Oregon at the State ODP level. At this point, the 40 players will be given a training schedule for the remainder of the ODP season.

Timeline for Youngest Age Group

Dec. 5-6 — ODP Tryouts in Portland and Bend
Dec. 12-13 — ODP Tryouts in Eugene and Medford
Dec. 13-Mar. 19 — Six training sessions required by each region (More sessions welcomed)
Mar. 22-24 — ODP Inter-Regional Tournament (Location TBA)
Mar. 25 — ODP staff will name State Pool of 40 players (two teams)

Coaching Breakdown

Again, the Oregon ODP staff will name two State Head Coaches and two State Assistant Coaches for the '97 age group. The Oregon ODP staff will also name one head coach and one assistant coach for each Regional Team in your area. In all, we'll have close to 12 coaches involved with one age group. This will happen on both the boys' and girls' side.

Regional Boundaries for Tryouts (If you live in this area, this is where you tryout)

Portland Pool — Portland Metro Area, Astoria, Vancouver, Hood River, Forest Grove, Wilsonville
Eugene Pool — Woodburn, Keizer, Salem, Albany, Corvallis, Central Coast, Eugene area
Bend Pool — Bend area, Redmond, Sisters, Madras, Pendleton, La Grande, Hermiston
Southern Oregon Pool — Roseburg, Grant's Pass, Medford, Ashland, Klamath Falls, Southern Coast
*If you have questions about this, please ask. Players are welcome to try out in any location, but we recommend you try out in your region.

Training Schedule during December-March

We will encourage our coaches to train on the weekend to accommodate players who need to travel. However, the benefit of having a Regionalized Program is that travel is cut down considerably, to the point where weekday sessions may be more beneficial and necessary. We will also recommend that coaches train in multiple locations within your region. For example: Salem, Corvallis and Eugene each have two sessions.

Uniforms, fees, paperwork, tryout information?

Each player will receive two training t-shirts that include a number on the back. This shirt will be yours to keep. It will also be necessary to wear when training and competing in the Inter-Regional Tournament. We will use the number on back to evaluate players at all times during the season. This number will be assigned by the Oregon ODP staff.

Fees! The tryout fee for all players is $65. The participation fee for players who make their Regionalized Pool is $115. Once players make the State Pool, there will be a uniform fee (roughly $150) for your gear and a state fee (roughly $115) for your continued participation.

Your tryout application will be used as your paperwork until the Final Pool of 40 is named in March. The players who make the pool of 40 will then be given a set of paperwork they need to fill out and send back to the OYSA office. Directions and information on this will be given out at a later date.


We are excited to put this new program in place this next ODP year. We honestly feel this gives players and families the opportunity to play good soccer while not having to worry about travel so much and spending money on travel. This gives players to play with the elite players in your area, and then gives you the opportunity to make the state team and play for Regional bragging rights. We anticipate great numbers for this opportunity and we look forward to seeing everybody at tryouts very soon. Additional information on each tryout will be given out very soon.

'97 Oregon ODP Coaching Staff: Boys

Boys State Pool Head Coach: Mike Smith
Boys State Pool Asst. Coaches: Jonny Bunn, Eli Ulvi, Robert Allen, Kevin Primerano
Boys GK Staff: Jordan James, Angela Harrison, Walter Arevalo
North/Portland 1 Head Coach: Jonny Bunn
North/Portland 2 Head Coach: Floyd Rocker
Central/Eastern Oregon Head Coach: Eli Ulvi
Willamette Valley Head Coach: Robert Allen
Southern Oregon Head Coach: Kevin Primerano

'97 Oregon ODP Coaching Staff: Boys

Girls State Pool Head Coach: Mike Smith
Girls State Pool Asst. Coaches: Rochelle Hearns, Kyle Steinbaugh, Jurgen Ruckaberle, Dave Potter
Girls GK Staff: Angela Harrison, Jordan James, Walter Arevalo
North/Portland 1 Head Coach: Rochelle Hearns
North/Portland 2 Head Coach: Ben Durano
Central/Eastern Oregon Head Coach: Kyle Steinbaugh
Willamette Valley Head Coach: Jurgen Ruckaberle
Southern Oregon Head Coach: Dave Potter

Thanks again for your time and please let us know if you have any questions.

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