OYSA Goal Lines

Out of Bounds

By Erik Lyslo

Is it Fall already? Hard to believe, but summer has come and gone. Somebody told me the other day we had more 90-degree days this year than ever before. I believe it.

With the sun and hot weather going away, do we ask the same question of the Timbers? Man, talk about a hot streak. My math might be incorrect, but I believe they had 24-25 straight matches without a loss. They've cooled off lately and you only hope they find their game again before the playoffs begin. Every team in any sport goes through a cold spell at some point, so I wouldn't worry too much. When the games becomes important again, as they will come playoff time, this group will play well and hopefully bring a title back to Portland.

MLS Talk?

It's been strangely quiet. Does this mean they have a site for the Beavers? I don't think so. Beaverton has stepped up and said they would love to build a stadium and host the Beavers. Not a bad idea for a place that isn't what it used to be.

As always, people within the city are not in favor of this. People in the Portland area amaze me sometimes. This city has this reputation of being of a free spirit and "weird," but when it comes to taking a risk and going after sports teams, they protest like the best of them.

And speaking of protesters, I've always laughed at people who say protesting is good and healthy. For one, do these people have jobs? If so, do they have "protest days" where they can leave work and head downtown to block some street and create a traffic jam? I'll never forget a situation I was put in back in college at Portland State. I was walking to one of my classes when I was approached by a protester who began yelling at me for not joining in. He asked me why I wouldn't and I said, Because I have class. He said, Class can wait, this is important. They were protesting a bathroom being built in one of the buildings, which would replace a drinking fountain that had been there for years. No joke!

Landon Donovan

Cool story on Landon he played for Cal-South in ODP and was asked by his former coach what his favorite memory in youth soccer was. He said it was traveling to Oregon to play in the Nike Friendship Cup ODP tournament. His former coach told me this at the event last year. It's always cool to hear things like that.

Speaking of Donovan, did anybody see the game in Mexico where he was ready to take a corner and was drenched with vomit and urine before the kick? And all the while, this guy had the swine flu. People always tell me how soccer crowds are like nothing else in sports. After seeing and hearing about that, I would have to say they're right.

Portland Rain Women's Team?

Heard about them, saw them play once and would love it if they marketed this team better. The men's side has the Timbers to root for and dream about if you're a male soccer player, but the women's side needs something. We brought the Rain into the Friendship Cup this year to play our oldest age group in ODP. The game was fun to watch and had a big crowd on hand as well. Until they decide to market this team to the clubs here in Oregon, though, this will be just another minor league team gone bad in our state.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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