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Celebrating Soccer in America — September is Youth Soccer Month

By Ric Listella, President, Oregon Youth Soccer

Soccer is the largest sport in the World — some estimates place the number of fans alone over 3.5 billion worldwide. Youth soccer is the largest participation sport in America; playing soccer makes you part of one of the largest sports in the world. Each year, September is celebrated across America as Youth Soccer Month, sponsored by United States Youth Soccer.

United States Youth Soccer characterizes Youth Soccer Month as focusing on Family, Fun, Friendship, and Fitness as themes for each week in September.


Playing soccer typically starts as a family activity, with parents playing and demonstrating skills to children, brothers and sisters playing amongst themselves, and family outings to watch practices and games.


Soccer teaches children and young adults teamwork, sportsmanship, new skills and how to have fun.


Playing soccer will help develop solid friendships for our children — friends that support and encourage one another to do their best each time they step out on the field.


Finally, the very nature of soccer teaches players fitness — not just physical fitness, but social fitness as well. Players will carry the soccer memories, skills and aptitudes forward with them throughout their adult lives.

In support of Youth Soccer Month, I encourage parents to become more involved in their children’s team, local soccer club, or community. Soccer programs in America were started largely through the grassroots support of parents and local volunteers. Parents and our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization; they do so much to support the sport. More importantly, they do even more for the children, young adults, families and communities that ultimately benefit from soccer.

Please join me in celebrating September as Youth Soccer Month by supporting your soccer clubs, teams and players. Recognize September as Youth Soccer Month to our players, their families and the community.

The US Youth Soccer website has more information about Youth Soccer Month at www.youthsoccermonth.org.

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