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Academy Sessions — September 2010

Each session is 90 minutes long and help on middle-school grass fields. We will follow the same format for each session. We must be able to reinforce fundamental skills/techniques through both fun games that also make them think a little!

The format will include:

  • Practice juggling - different body part each week (5 minutes)
  • Fun warm-up game, with stretching introduced (15 minutes)
  • Agility exercise without ball (10 minutes)
  • Coerver move, different each week (10 minutes)
  • Technical teaching (Tuesday) — Tactical teaching (Thursday) (20 minutes)
  • Small game 3v3/6v6 rotating all the players in (20 minutes)
  • Short cool down and stretch ( 5 minutes)

Session 3 (September):
Practice juggling with head (5 minutes)

Fun Warm-Up & Stretching
Team Handball: Divide group in two and play to the goals with a size 4 ball. The player with the ball is allowed one step in any direction before passing. Introduce stretching.

Alternatively, if the numbers are large, have three teams and play two teams against one in a possession game. Each time the defending team tags a player in possession of the ball, they score a point. Each team defends for one minute. Winning team gets to choose an exercise for the other two.

Agility without ball
Agility Graphic

Coerver Move: The Step-Over
Standing three steps behind the ball, act as though you are running at the ball to shoot. Instead of striking the ball with the laces of your right foot, bend your knee and swing your foot over the top of the ball, plant the ball of your right foot on the ground, pivot 180 degrees and take the ball with the inside of the left foot.

Remember that the first three steps after a move have got to be at pace so the defender does not catch you! Repeat, increasing speed and agility, and practice move with both feet.

Technique - Receiving
Play the Windows game. Place a number of windows around an area (two cones close together). Two players are paired up and have to pass through the window to score a point. Only rule is not to pass through same window twice in a row! The Coach must introduce passing and communication at this point. Score as many points as you can in one minute.

Advance the game by using left foot pass only, outside of foot passes, or play in groups of three and introduce the concept of a triangle shape

Depending on the age and the numbers you can introduce three teams (four blue, four green, four orange). Each team has one ball and has to pass through window (gate) to score a point. How many can you score in 30 seconds? If balls collide, deduct one point. Keep ball moving. If ball stops, deduct one point. Three teams compete against each other. Which team asks first if they can send a defender over to disrupt another team? If not, coax it out of them to make it more realistic and competitive!

Remember to add the coaching points at the appropriate time: Get in line with the line of the flight of the ball, make an early selection in method of control (usually the biggest surface), keep your eye on the ball, relax the controlling surface for certain methods of control. Receiving touch should be in preparation (away from pressure) to either pass, dribble or shoot.

The Game
If time, play some 2v2/3v3, rotating the players in and out every 1-2 minutes. See if players can utilize good first touches in the pressure of a small-sided game.

Cool down/Stretch

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